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Classic volunteering - baking a cake and visiting an elderly person

Our activity

Sign up for volunteering# 

#You receive a link in a WhatsApp message with the elderly person's details

#Call the elderly to schedule a visit

#  Bake a cake

# You visit the elderly and give him the cake

# You write on WhatsApp to the city manager that the visit was successful

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Iron Swords War surprise cake

We are baking cakes and going to surprise soldiers on their birthday 

# Every week we bake cakes and bring them to the fighters' bases

#  ugabehaftaha@gmail.comIf you want to surprise your loved ones send us an email

#  #Raise morale and sweeten their hearts

# Help us make more fighters happy - link for donation

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Employee volunteering for companies and organizations at a day center for the elderly

To register and join, please contact us via the email

#  We connect for you a day center for the elderly near your place of work

#  Playing introductory games

#  Enjoy a dance party led by a singer

#  Winning at bingo and bridge

# Eating delicious cakes together

התנדבות חברה
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