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Do you have any questions?

Why don't I see the name of my city of residence in your activity?

A sign that our activity has not yet reached your city of residence or that we have a large number of volunteers in your city and therefore the registration in the city has been closed.

I signed up for volunteering but did not receive any details. What to do?

Don't worry, the details will be provided a few days before the activity date.

I tried to call the elderly man and he doesn't answer

Try calling several times. Sometimes they don't hear/ it takes them a while to get to the phone/ they can't access the phone and have to wait for a caretaker to answer for them. Therefore, we give you a few days to try to get them on the phone. be patient.

I received a message from you but the link with the details does not open.

Copy the message and paste it somewhere else and the link will become clickable. Click on the elderly person's name so that all the details appear.

I don't know how to bake a cake, can I buy one?

of course! You can buy.

I signed up to volunteer but unfortunately, I can't volunteer.

If you cannot volunteer, please inform the city coordinator as soon as possible so that we can find a replacement volunteer.

Is it possible to visit the elderly on a different day from the date of the event?

If you are unable to visit on the day of the scheduled event, you can coordinate with the elderly the day before or the day after. If you were unable to coordinate with him/ her on another day - please inform the city manager as soon as possible.

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